" Your body can do it, It's your mind you need to convince "

" Calming the mind is yoga, Not just standing on the head "

" Yoga teaches you how to listen to your body "


Patanajali Yoga Research Centre is an institution that aims at all round development of the individual, drawing its inspiration from the eternal and traditional gurukula way of teaching. The knowledge of yoga that gives the body and mind supreme health is imparted in a scientific manner.

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Basic Yoga Course

If you are unfamiliar to yoga or if you don't have enough preparation mentally and physically you...

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Advanced Yoga Courses

Patanjali Yoga Research Centre offers Advanced Yoga Course to build depth in the yoga practice and...

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Teachers Training Course

Yoga instructor Level 1 &2 includes Meditation, mantra chanting, shatkriya, Hatha, Ashtanga...

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Meditation Course

Weekend Yoga & Meditation retreat is a perfect opportunity to take a break, escape the daily...

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QCI Level 1 & Level 2

Internationally recognized certification course is conducted for AYUSH ministry by Quality Council...

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PG Diploma in Yoga

PG Diploma in yoga prepares the candidates as Yoga Therapy teacher, Assist. Ayurveda Doctor,...

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21 June 2018

The Benefits Of Doing Yoga Regularly

1. Physiological Benefits of Yoga:Yoga performs number of physiological benefits in human body. The...